Murder of Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov at ALDE-PACE meeting, 2012
Boris Nemtsov at ALDE-PACE meeting, 2012

28.02.2015 ALDE-PACE is appalled by the ruthless assassination of a leading Russian liberal politician Boris Nemtsov. Mr Nemtsov was a committed democrat, an uncompromised critic of corruption, a charismatic leader and a long-standing partner of our group. It is a great loss for the Russian democrats and for the whole liberal family across Europe. Our sincere condolences go to Mr Nemtsov's family, friends and colleagues.

The brutal murder of a leading opposition figure next to the Kremlin walls is a sad testimony of the climate of hatred and violence threatening those who dare to speak up against the undemocratic rule and the politics of war. The Russian authorities bear full responsibility for this climate. Whoever was the perpetrator, this is clearly a political murder. The Russian authorities owe to the people a full and transparent investigation.

This is a sad day for Russia. This is a sad day for us all.

ALDE-PACE President concerned about the situation in Macedonia

23.02.2015 Mr Jordi Xuclà, President of ALDE-PACE, exchanged letters with Mr Goran Milevski, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Macedonia, over the deepening political crisis in the country.

Kristýna Zelienková visits Ukraine from 16 to 18 February 2015

17.02.2015 ALDE rapporteur on the political consequences of the crisis in Ukraine in the PACE Political Affairs Committee Kristýna Zelienková (Czech Republic) is currently on a fact-finding visit to Ukraine. Today the rapporteur called for the urgent creation of a green corridor, for a period of several days, in order to evacuate 5 000 civilians, including women, children and the disabled, from Debaltsevo where, despite the recent ceasefire, intensive fighting continues.

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Anne Brasseur Re-Elected President of PACE

26.01.2015 Anne Brasseur
Anne Brasseur

ALDE is proud to announce the re-election of Mrs Anne Brasseur as President of the Parliamentary Assembly for another year. Read more...

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