Repressions in Azerbaijan must stop

11.05.2015 Jordi Xuclà, President of ALDE-PACE issued a statement on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan.

Few days ago Faraj Kerimli, Deputy Chair of the Azerbaijani "Musavat" party, member of our European liberal family, who had been recognised by Amnesty International as prisoner of conscience, was sentenced to 6.5 years of imprisonment. Allegations of 'drug abuse,' 'illegal entrepreneurship' and 'tax evasion' seem to have become a penal instrument commonly used for putting activists to jail in Azerbaijan", said Jordi Xuclà.

"We are confronted with a very clear tendency of toughening punishment against civil society in Azerbaijan. A great number of NGOs have already shut down because of restrictive legislation and those activists and journalists who dare to speak up find themselves in prison. This kind of governmental policy is all the more worrisome that the country is approaching a parliamentary election later this year," declared Jordi Xuclà.

"As liberal members of an international human rights body we shall continue to raise our voices in defence of political pluralism, human rights and the rule of law on our continent. We cannot accept that almost all Council of Europe interlocutors from the civil society of Azerbaijan are now behind bars. Last year by awarding the Parliamentary Assembly's Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize to Annar Mammadli we were sending a clear signal: repressions must stop," concluded Mr Xuclà.

ALDE-PACE bureau member appointed Minister

Tinatin Khidasheli
Tinatin Khidasheli

Jordi Xuclà congratulated Vice-President of the Group Tinatin Khidasheli (Georgia) on her nomination as Minister of Defence of her country. "It has been a great honour to share with you our commitment to the cause of freedom and democracy'" said Jordi Xuclà.

On 8 May the appointment was approved by the Georgian Parliament.

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ALDE-PACE concerned about pressure against liberal opposition in Russia

28.03.2015 "ALDE-PACE is concerned about the growing number of reports pointing at the abuse of justice to silence political opponents in Russia. Yesterday, the Russian liberal party Yabloko confirmed that one of their elected members in the city council of Petrozavodsk, Olga Zaletskaya, has been detained. This new case is part of a larger campaign aiming to put pressure on the opposition in the region and the country. We condemn the political use of justice and express solidarity with those in Russia who stand for democratic pluralism, separation of powers and the rule of law," said Jordi Xuclà, President of ALDE-PACE.

6.04.2015 Further developments

Kerstin Lundgren and Michael Aastrup Jensen pay tribute to Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov - ALDE Party
Boris Nemtsov - ALDE Party

3.03.2015 ALDE Vice-Presidents Kerstin Lundgren and Michael Aastrup Jensen attended the memorial service in honour of Boris Nemtsov who was shot dead in Moscow on 27 February. Read more

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